The Plan To Save The World

Collusion against "No Cancer Foundation" and "We The People."

To the UN, WHO, EU, Council of Europe, governments of all nations, royalty and leaders of this world. Not to offend, damage or destroy, but to reflect, rebuild, inform and educate. For as a wise man once said: "An error doesn't become a mistake until you refuse to correct it." 

No Cancer Foundation and partners don't intend to criticize or bolster any political party or judicial authorities... However, we would like to point out that any public officer in performance of his duties who becomes aware of a crime or misdemeanor must respect the Constitution and inform the prosecutor immediately.

  • This country, with its institutions, belongs to the people who inhabit it. Whenever they shall grow weary of the existing government, they can exercise their constitutional right of amending it, or exercise their revolutionary right to overthrow it. (Abraham Lincoln)

Collusion, suppression and cover up of this information, and the campaign against real cures.

Please kindly read and forward this information as widely as possible so that we may shed the light of truth into the dark deceptions of pharmaceutical industrialists controlling medical and "public health" undermining the legitimacy, integrity, and credibility of health science.

It is important that we, the people of the world, understand that today there is no independent international body that takes care of our health interests on a global scale. So we have to get active and take the protection of our health in our own hands. We have to understand, that we will not be healthy by delegating this value to special interests, the only way to real health is through our active participation in creating and maintaining it. Participation instead of delegation, that’s the key message.

The main principles governing the pharmaceutical "business with disease." It is not in the financial interests of the pharmaceutical industry to prevent common diseases, the maintenance and expansion of diseases is a precondition for the financial growth of this industry. 

Facts: It was the Ukraine Surgical Oncologist IVAN KULIK I.A. who started back in 1979 research work on immunotherapy, by studying immunomodulatory properties of Flaraxin. On 8th July 1983, he filed an APPLICATION #3641428 in ROS-PATENT, and on 15th July 1994 performed registration in FEDERAL SERVICE FOR INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY

Immunotherapy is a treatment that uses a person’s immune system to fight diseases. In the last several decades, it has become an important tool in treating some types of cancer. It is No Cancer Foundation who from 2010 publicly and legally in lawsuits, has brought this to light, both nationally and internationally. As a result, big pharma was doomed and could not stay behind in order to be able to safeguard their income.

Not by chance Johnson & Johnson named James Allison, Ph.D., of University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center, winner of the 2018 Dr. Paul Janssen Award for Biomedical Research. On September 6, 2018 Dr. Allison receive this prestigious award in Beerse, Belgium for his groundbreaking research in the field of cancer immunotherapy

It is irrefutable, legally documented that since 2010 it was the No Cancer Foundation who officially presented immunotherapy countless times to the various authorities with the request for studying immunomodulatory properties of Flaraxin, a non-toxic anti-cancer, anti-viral herbal agent registered in the State Register of Patents of Ukraine for inventions February 26, 1999.

No Cancer Foundation has requested assistance from the Federal Agency for Medicines and Health and began various court proceedings concerning. This to support us, to help research with the prospect to provide the herbal agent officially, legally for a low and fair price. Sick, suffering and dying cancer patients are entitled to this.

However NCF never received any response, except subsequently No Cancer Foundation and partners were gagged and harassed, founder Erik Verbeek has been personally sentenced to a towering fine and six months imprisonment for representing the Cancer Curing Center PHOENIX LLC involving immunotherapy with Flaraxin. Also No Cancer Foundation plenipotentiary jurist, by European Commission recognized European safety manager A.M.L van Rooij is disabled in his legal function and right to existence, for clarity, "by means of corruption and abuse of power." The unconstitutional dismantling of our Constitution, Rule of Law.

It may surprise you that already in 2009 we request Johnson & Johnson whether they are interested on the immunomodulatory properties of Flaraxin. We gave feedback but Johnson & Johnson was not interested as explained in added video message from 2010 at 03:50 sec

The Belgian Foreign Minister Yves Leterme (CD&V) was asked in 2009 in the margins of a meeting of the United Nations if he wanted to help "stop, yes even kill people."  The politician said this to the Belgian edition of the French magazine Paris Match.

So, lets not forget the mysterious Death of Holistic Doctors in 2015 at which facilities in Belgium were raided and shut down, as well as several of there colleagues clinics in America, many of which were found dead in the days following the raids. For example three days before Dr. Bradstreet was found shot to death and floating in a river, U.S. government agents raided his facility to seize a substance called "GcMAF." Obviously, following these events, a well-oiled media campaign has been working to destroy the reputations of those involved and justify the actions of the police and regulatory agencies.

Then you will not be surprised that the Belgian Minister of Health Maggie De Block signed a future pact with the pharmaceutical industry back in 2015 on the pricing of medicines. One of the components of this deals are "expensive new medicines" in which the minister has made secret price agreements with the multinationals. In exchange for price discounts, the government keeps the price agreements secret. The production costs of medicines such as Flaraxin or GcMAF are between 100 and 300 euros, while big pharma collides with our government and sell for 40,000 to 100,000 euros per patient. In this way, pharmaceutical multinationals pillage health insurance and receive all the help from the Minister of Health.

Similar to GcMAF the study of FLARAXIN find out that it has a high positive effect on the different indexes of various functioning parts of the immune system in cancer patients. This suggests that the known systemic immune deficiency caused by neoplastic process is subjected to positive correction due to the action of FLARAXIN.

Oncology drugs are the largest business segment of the multi-billion-euro global pharmaceutical drug business, nothing or nobody can endanger this multi-billion-euro fraud. 

Listen to the 1967 full Speech by Myron C Fagan 

at 1:20:20

  • quote, "The tax free foundations finance those who are doing the job for the illuminati great conspiracy, but if you, or a patriot pro organisation who is to outspokenly, they can terrify or intimidate you by finding a misplaced comma in your income tax report and threaten you by penalties, fines and even prison." unquote.

Then, it will not surprise you that it is Surgical Oncologist KULIK IVAN ONISIMOVICH of the Ukraine who should earn already in 1979 - 1983 the Nobel Prize for Medicine regarding immunotherapy! Nevertheless Johnson & Johnson named  the American Dr. James Allison to win the Nobel Prize in 2018. Hereby We The People suffering almost 40 years, dying at high costs with countless casualties because of this genocidal collusion.

The drugs used in chemotherapy kill cancer cells – but they also kill healthy cells too. That fact alone is bad enough, but it doesn’t stop there. The drugs used in chemotherapy also have side-effects and many cause new cancers and new diseases, leading to the use of yet more drugs which in turn have new side effects. It’s a vicious circle and a license to print money for the pharmaceutical industry.

Never before has a Belgian minister conducted such friendly policies for those multinationals. In November 2016, De Block appointed Bart Vermeulen, CEO of the pharmaceutical industry, in all silence as deputy cabinet manager. Vermeulen leads the health care and medicines policy department.

In 2017 the American cancer researcher James P. Allison, became a KU Leuven honorary doctor and won the Nobel Prize for Medicine on immunotherapy in 2018. 7 years before, the KU Leuven on 19 August 2011 thoroughly investigated Flaraxin with regard to our court case. Since they know immunomodulatory properties of FLARAXIN

In July of 2018, the Minister of Health Maggie De Block also drastically changed the rules for the benefit of the pharmaceutical multinationals. The majority of the cost of a drug goes to advertising. Only 1.5 percent goes to truly innovative research. Patients pay double for innovative medicines. The first time through tax money that goes to research and the second time for the extortionate prices of medicines made thanks to that research.

Terror and the burden on the community, the lust for the pharmaceutical industry. Minister De Block defends her policy by saying that they 'do this abroad and that there is no alternative'. There are alternatives, but an attempt to put them into a law was torpedoed in parliament by De Block. Such a solution is, of course, the immunotherapy provided by No Cancer Foundation with the immunomodulatory properties of Flaraxin, this for a fraction of the price and without side effects.

The medicines budget for 2018 amounts to 4.5 billion euros. Nearly a quarter, 1 billion euros, goes to medicines that are covered by Article 81 contract. That is a six-fold increase in three years. For next year, the minister expects another budget overrun of 500 million euros. Never before has our health insurance been under such pressure because of the exorbitant prices of a handful of medicines for a relatively small number of patients and at that speed. The affordability of this is put at risk by this minister while the actual cost is ridiculous.

Now you understand why No Cancer Foundation and partners needs to be eliminated. The success of new cancer treatments such as immunotherapy makes a gap of almost 300 million euros in the Belgian budget. For example, immunotherapy costs 255 million euros more than anticipated and Car-T cell therapy 38 million more. ARE YOU SURPRISED?! 

Then you will also not be surprised anymore that there is a collusion against We The People on global mass poisoning (dumping chemical waste with high profits) what happens from the by Globalist hostage Dutch territory whereby on April 21, 1962 there was given a positive advice to the Royal Dutch crown (Board of Ministers and HM Queen as head of state) on the Pesticides-law which does not take into account:

  • The adverse effects of the pesticide during the use phase and in the waste;
  • And where the inactive chemicals, being unknown other highly toxic, toxic, corrosive or hazardous substance (s) should not be listed on the label; 

hereby the most carcinogenic chemical waste can be dumped unnoticed with high profits as stated in the Iron Mountain Report, first during the Vietnam War (1961-1971) by dumping Agent Orange (also nickname of Nazi Prince Bernhard) first produced by Philips Duphar in the Netherlands witch was sprayed by the United States military, and this agenda to date maintained! Largely responsible for global poisoning diseases such as cancer, since explosively increased worldwide.

It may be obvious that WE THE PEOPLE are forced to cal for a Second 'Nuremberg' Tribunal in order to stop this crime against their citizens, now and forever! If "Governments" are hostage by "Corporations" that have undermined sovereign nations and disabled Constitutions, their demise can only be seen as long overdue. 

For this reason, a vast plan has been organized for many years to trigger a huge positive change on this planet. This will be the implementation of fair legal justice to put an end to the abuse of this planet’s populations and ecosystems. The reason we have known about this in advance is because information has been released by insiders to help us prepare. We have confidence in the White Hats, Global Human Rights Vigilantes among We The People, inside Governments and Judicial Authorities who are able to appreciate and use our efforts legally and correctly, for which our sincere gratitude!

No Cancer Foundation no longer has access to their NCF google websites, its archive, juridical content and emails: (

Where We Go 1, We Go All...

Newspaper full of lies and deception

Newspaper full of lies and deception

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