The Plan To Save The World

Request for posthumous rehabilitation of honor to Theo Brouns EXECUTED IN HASSELT ON MARCH 28, 1946

Murdered, but not forgotten, what goes around comes around.

To the UN, WHO, EU, Council of Europe and governments of all nations. Not to offend, damage or destroy, but to reflect, rebuild, inform and educate. 

Over the years THEO BROUNS was born in Belgian Limburg (Kessenich) on November 20, 1911, executed in Hasselt in post-war times on March 28, 1946, mentioned in book and paper. Brouns will first become the cabinet manager of governor Romsée, then provincial chairman ("gouwleider") of the VNV. However, these functions push him between two fires: he must meet the German demands but also the terror because of "de Witten"

At the end of 1943 he threatens to resign. He barely escapes an attack on his life, ordered by the SS. After this, the government agrees to establish a VNV intelligence service. Brouns actively helps with the investigations. His diary of my prison life becomes a tale of chaos and injustice in Belgium and Europe. At the end of 1945, the lawsuit started because of Brouns' warfare. The court-martial councils of Hasselt and Liège pronounce the death penalty. The Military Court in Liege confirms this judgment. Unfortunately Brouns' execution, according to Prof. Raymond Derine, is of symbolic value for the socialist minister Rolin. The government therefore gives a negative advice to regent Karel. Brouns in Hasselt will be executed on 28 March. In accordance with his last wish he is buried at Schoonselhof.

There has been embarrassment about the terrible fate that affected him -and many others- befall. 

  • The very least what people say afterwards following Prof. dr. Derine and others that he "did not deserve the death sentence, which cost him his life. Unfortunately we can not awaken him to life, but we do want to shake the heavy stone of hatred and destruction from his grave. His Flemish people, whom he has served with so much love, will be gentle and righteous to him."


Looking back on the collaboration, repression and amnesty battle by Prof. dr. Raymond Derine (publication: Davidsfonds Leuven), page 148:

  • "I also do not hesitate the execution of Mr. Theo Brouns, VNV-gouwleider for Limburg, to sue on March 28, 1946. He was executed on the orders of the socialist minister Rolin, who, after the fall of the government, handeled the running cases… From his diary, he appears as a noble Christian Fleming who has fought the counter-terror in Limburg and has also thwarted compulsory employment in Germany. The SS even wanted to have him killed. Leading personalities as state minister Fr. Van Cauwelaert, A. De Schryver (then C.V.P. chairman) and C. Huysmans, Mgr. Kerkhofs (bishop of Liège), the governor of Limburg, H. Verwilghen, Mgr. Broeckx (senator) supported his grace request. Gerard Walschap also walked around for a week to save him. Everything without result."

According to family members, Theo was an extremely honest, human-loving appearance, which meant the best for everyone, loved children and was like a brother to my grandmother, his cousin.

Theo Brouns knew about the collusion, the NWO agenda, which cost him his life. 

May he rest in peace,

Verbeek Erik

THEO BROUNS EXECUTED IN HASSELT ON MARCH 28, 1946 / Murdered, but not forgotten!

THEO BROUNS EXECUTED IN HASSELT ON MARCH 28, 1946 / Murdered, but not forgotten!

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No Cancer Foundation plenipotentiary jurist, by European Commission recognized European safety manager, A.M.L van Rooij is unconstitutional disabled in legal defense and right of existence. 

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