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Research on Flaraxin

To the UN, WHO, EU, Council of Europe and governments of all nations. Not to offend, damage or destroy, but to reflect, rebuild, inform and educate.

The main principles governing the pharmaceutical "business with disease." It is not in the financial interests of the pharmaceutical industry to prevent common diseases -- the maintenance and expansion of diseases is a precondition for the financial growth of this industry.

It is irrefutable, legally documented that since 2010 it was the No Cancer Foundation who officially presented immunotherapy countless times to the various authorities with the request for studying immunomodulatory properties of FLARAXIN. However their answer was terror, collusion against No Cancer Foundation and partners.

FLARAXIN is a non-toxic anti-cancer, anti-viral herbal agent registered in the State Register of Patents of Ukraine for inventions February 26, 1999. The study find out that FLARAXIN have a high positive effect on the different indexes of various functioning parts of the immune system in cancer patients. This suggests that the known systemic immune deficiency caused by neoplastic process is subjected to positive correction due to the action of FLARAXIN.

Surgical Oncologist IVAN KULIK not only derived a formula anticancer medicine, but was able to make it.

Therefore, it is in our opinion Surgical Oncologist KULIK IVAN ONISIMOVICH of the Ukraine who should earn already in 1979 - 1983 the Nobel Prize for Medicine regarding immunotherapy! Nevertheless Johnson & Johnson named  the American Dr. James Allison to win the Nobel Prize in 2018, "a whopping 4 decades later!" Hereby We The People suffering almost 40 years, dying at high costs with countless casualties because of this genocidal collusion.

The drugs used in chemotherapy kill cancer cells – but they also kill healthy cells too. That fact alone is bad enough, but it doesn’t stop there. The drugs used in chemotherapy also have side-effects and many cause new cancers and new diseases, leading to the use of yet more drugs which in turn have new side effects. It’s a vicious circle and a license to print money for the pharmaceutical industry.

Please kindly read and forward this information as widely as possible so that we may shed the light of truth into the dark deceptions of pharmaceutical industrialists controlling medical and "public health" undermining the legitimacy, integrity, and credibility of health science.


Clinical Research

Experimental research

  • REPORT on immunomodulatory properties of FLARAXIN. Sc.D., professor - Vladimir G. Bordonos 
  • REPORT on interferogenic activity of FLARAXIN. Sc.D., Professor - Mykola Ya. Spivak 
  • REPORT on Pathophysiological mechanisms of antitumor activity of FLARAXIN. Cand.Med.Sc., Assist.Prof. - Alexander Artemov 
  • Physico-chemical properties of FLARAXIN.
  • Kinetics of the interaction between FLARAXIN and HSA.
  • REPORT on Enzyme activity of FLARAXIN and other preparations.
  • REPORT on Antiradical activity of FLARAXIN and therapeutic preparations of antitumor effect.
  • REPORT on influence of FLARAXIN and PROSPIDINE on the microviscosity of general lipids of erythrocytes.
  • REPORT on Cumulative properties of Flaraxin and acute toxicity of the base substance.
  • REPORT on Study of the effect of Flaraxin on immunological reactivity.
  • REPORT on Antioxidant properties of FLARAXIN and activity of aminotransferases in the blood of patients.
  • Pharmacokinetics of FLARAXIN.
  • Acute and chronic toxicity of FLARAXIN.
  • Experiment on C57B16 mice with melanoma B-16.
  • Antioxidant activity of Flaraxin at the initial stages of free radical oxidation.

Efficiency of application

  • An abstract from the report on the treatment of mammary fibroadenomatosis.
  • Report on the treatment of mastopathy phytopreparations.
  • Treatment of bladder cancer.
  • Treatment of lung cancer.
  • Treatment of breast cancer.
  • Complex therapy of nonspecific vaginitis, combined with infection of the lower urinary tract.
  • Report on the effect of "Flaraxin" on endotoxicosis in advanced hormone-refractory prostate cancer.
  • Complex treatment of chronic bacterial prostatitis

History of Flaraxin

Surgical Oncologist IVAN KULIK not only derived a formula anticancer medicine, but was able to make it.

Author of FLARAXINIVAN KULIK was a Head of "HERBAL MEDICINE GROUP OF MALIGNANT TUMOURS" and a number of related research laboratories in the experiment proved that the New Anti-cancer medicine, herbal interferogen FLARAXIN has specificity for tumor processes, general pharmacological activity and safety. 

KULIK I.A. started research work on immunotherapy, studying immunomodulatory properties of Flaraxin since 1979. On 8th July 1983, he filed an APPLICATION #3641428 in ROS-PATENT, and On 15th July 1994 performed registration in FEDERAL SERVICE FOR INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY


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